Winter Holidays! Skiing, shopping and musicals!!

Hello Everybody,

What an awesome holiday, whether it was skiing on the mountains or just catching up on sleep I had a really great time and I’m so sad it’s over. I apologise for disappearing for a while, but my final week of school I was performing in a musical (amazing experience by the way) and then straight after I hopped on a plane. I did come back before holidays ended but it has been pretty busy in my house recently and sadly I didn’t have enough time to really focus on my blog. Definitely one of my goals for this term is to grow my blog and work really hard on it. I wanted to share with you some of my holiday highlights.

#1 – Ski week at Falls Creek in Victoria
#2 – Shopping and lunch with a friend
#3 – Going to see a musical

Of course I did a bunch of different things in the holidays, but these three were definitely my favourites! For my first week of holidays I spent it down in Victoria skiing and just enjoying the mountains in Falls Creek, I loved my first week as I found it a super enjoyable and relaxing time, I hope I will be going back soon. My next holiday highlight was going for lunch and shopping with a good friend. I love seeing friends in the holidays and I had a really nice day in the second week where I went to lunch at Grilled (A delicious healthy burger place in Australia you have to check out!) and went shopping, while I was there I also got my nails done and had great fun just chatting away with my friend. I really want to show you the new things I bought so I’m trying to think of the best possible and most effective way to do a haul for you guys. My final highlight of the holidays was getting to see a wonderful musical; Legally Blonde! It was so much fun and seeing a bunch of my good friends in the show made it even better. As soon as I left I just wanted to by more tickets and go see it again, a wonderful musical and if it is ever performing near you I totally recommend buying tickets. As always I like sharing my clothing and makeup highlights as well. At skiing, obviously no makeup was worn and my clothing was only ski gear, but shopping and musicals definitely were fun fashion and makeup moments. You will see in the photos I’ve added, I kept my outfits simple, and the makeup natural, with a bit of glam on the eyes for the musical night out using the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. Like always, click on the images to gain more information. That was my holidays! :))

I hope you like my look, and thanks for coming to my blog, enjoy!
Mia xoxo


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